While still not that much, portable speakers are now getting the attention they deserve. Of course, not that they have done any of us a favor, but their flexibility certainly is worthwhile. And as the year is close to an end, the Black Friday deals on Bluetooth speakers are also just around the corner. So, it’s the time to get that sophisticated design you’ve always dreamed to have.

If it’s JBL Bluetooth speakers, various retailers will be having amazing offers and at the best prices. And if it’s the cheaper alternatives, they are also there and in abundance to ensure you can get exactly what you desire.

When is Black Friday 2020?

As you possibly know, Black Friday tends to be the biggest sales season as retailers, online and locally, have their goods at discounted prices. True, most of the providers are yet to adopt the culture here in Kenya, but we’re hoping soon they all will after consumers acknowledge its importance.

Even so, Black Friday’s a well-known and eagerly awaited shopping season in the various states abroad. It’s an annual holiday that falls on the day after the United States celebrates Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving holiday is usually on the fourth Thursday of November, which means this time it’ll be on the 26th. So, the Black Friday hot deals on anything you’ve always wanted to have will be on November 27.

Even so, you don’t have to wait until then to bag a bargain on the product of your interest. Various retailers happen to start discounting their merchandise earlier before the actual Black Friday. The best offers, however, are often on D-Day and only finish two days later on Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday Safes Deals 2020

Despite the name, Black Friday is not a one-day sales spree. It’s a four-day sales season, including all the weekend and Monday. This Monday now is what’s known as Cyber Monday, in which case this year it’ll be on November 30.

True, most of the shelves will be empty at the time, but you may be lucky to find what you needed. Even better, some retailers do offer further reductions and special deals on the day.

Is Black Friday a Good Time to Shop?

A simple answer, YES. At the time, many retailers usually slash their regular prices at a huge percentage. While it’s our first time in the retail section, we, Elyetu electronics & Accessories, also want to adopt the alien trend. Then, at least everyone can have the shot to own that high-end item he/ she has always desired.

Despite the discounted pricing, however, you the shopper has to be very watchful when filling your shopping cart. Not everyone is willing to cut their usual profits, but for the genuine providers, the original features of the products remain- in terms of quality and performance.

Another thing, there are so many choices to choose from at the time. So, it’s very likely to become overwhelmed and feel the pressure to make a quick decision. But if you can know what exactly you’re looking for, making a decision and everything else becomes easy. You’ll even be primed to identify a worthwhile deal when you see it.

That said, we’ll now look at some of the best Black Friday Bluetooth speakers special offers that you can keep an eye on this season. We’ve chosen three of the major brands and some of their bestselling products that we think you might love.

Before then, however, let’s point on some of the key things you need to consider while shopping for Black Friday.

4 Key Points to Consider when shopping for the best Black Friday Deals

  • Pricing:

The idea of Black Friday is to get that expensive item you have always wanted to have. Therefore, browse through the various providers and go with whom you feel suits your budget. You might be surprised to bag a bargain of thousands of cash.

If it’s Elyetu, well, well and good. If it’s Jumia or Kilimall, then, unfortunate to us, and luck’s to you.

  • Quality & Performance

The last thing you would want is buying your JBL Charge speaker cause it was on offer, only to realize later it’s not waterproof or has rattling bass.

Even if you’re looking for the best deals, therefore, consider the importance of quality before paying up.

  • Durability

This is just similar to the point of quality. Make sure the Bluetooth speaker or any other Black Friday item that you have bought suits the specifics of the original product, including the construction. Otherwise, you’ll end up getting disappointed later on ‘cause you were too much focused on the price rather not the product itself.

  • Warranty:

Yeah, sure. This now is the prime of all and the single aspect that can help ensure what you buy is authentic or not. If it’s the latter, the seller will certainly not offer the warranty ‘cause he knows he also doesn’t trust whatever he’s offering you. But if the provider is solid and positive on the quality of the product, he certainly will include the warranty support just like during the regular days.

Happy to say, all high-end Bluetooth speakers provided by Elyetu come with a 12-Months Warranty, whether it’s on regular days or special offers. So, in case of any problems within the span, always feel free to reach out.

The #7`Best Black Friday Deals On Bluetooth Speakers

Technically, the best Bluetooth speaker for you depends on the specifics you’re after. That’s looks, design, functionality, or the three. The following are some of the Black Friday deals that might interest you if you need to buy or upgrade for a better listening experience.

BrandModelSpeakers Maximum Output 
JBL  Pulse 420 WattsCheck Full Details
Harman KardonOnyx Studio 650 WattsCheck Full Details
JBLCharge 430 wattsCheck Full Details
BoseSoundlink Revolve+Nominal 360°Check Full Details
JBLFlip 520 WattsCheck Full Details
OraimoOBS-52D10 WattsCheck Full Details
HopestarH11 Wireless8 WattsCheck Full Details
JBL Charge 4 w/ 30W Speaker output and built-in powerbank


For the truth, each one of us has unique tastes that differ from the other person. So, only a fraction of the Black Friday special deals will fascinate you, but not all of them.

If your interest is in portability and (maybe) aesthetics, a model like the JBL Pulse 4 may be perfect with its compact design and 360-degree light show effects. It’s also IPX7 waterproof, allowing you to bring your favorite tunes in the pool without worrying about water splashes.

But if you would want louder sound and more powerful bass, a larger speaker model like Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 6 or JBL Boombox might be a better option. With 50-watt and 60-watt power output respectively, the two won’t disappoint for sure.

That said, regardless, we hope you enjoyed the article and you found it helpful. If not yet fully certified, keep checking this page as we’ll be updating with better and better deals as they come.