Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Elyetu Electronics & Accessories

About Stock

Both our physical shop and online store will be sharing our product inventory at the same time. We’ll keep a keen eye on the stock available to ensure the order you place is successful. Always feel free to contact us for any questions.

Delivery and Store Pickup

At Elyetu, we start preparing your purchases immediately you place and we confirm your order. Deliveries within the CBD are made within 2-3 hours of the same day and at no additional cost. Every delivery is done by Elyetu or one of our trusted delivery partners.

Please note, the delivery may sometimes delay as a result of traffic congestion from factors like harsh weather conditions, accidents, or natural disasters. If in a  hurry, you can place the order of your items of interest and pick them up in our store.

For you outside Nairobi, we’ve got you covered as well. We can send over the order to your preferred location within 1 – 3 days depending on how far you are

Payment Method

At Elyetu, trust is paramount. Items purchased online can be paid before or after you have received them. We want what is best and safe for both parties, which is why we’ve opted to use Lipa na Mpesa as the mode of payment for the time being.

Return & Exchange Policy
Goods sold are not refundable or returnable unless the return is a result of a defective product and within the stated Warranty Period.

**Special Notices**

We don’t accept return or exchange if:
-The customer has changed his/ her mind on the purchased product
-The watches belts have new holes punched in
-We confirm the product’s unique ID number doesn’t match with our inventory

**Also, please note the return shipping fees to and from our store are applicable”
Warranty Support

At Elyetu, we trust every product that we deliver as we source directly from the manufacturer. For that, we provide every electronic gadget with a Warranty for a limited period and under specific conditions.

Small accessories like memory cards, flash drives, can have between 6-8 months limited warranty cover.
Larger or High-end items like laptops, phones, speakers smartwatches, fitness fitbands, and TV Box have up to One-year Warranty.

Even so, every Warranty is only:
-Valid for the actual buyer
-Applicable to the buyer with the warranty card and or shop warranty card
-Covers on only the defects or spontaneous failures [under normal conditions]

Please note, we will consider your Warranty void if:
-You have no proof of the product’s warranty card
-You have filled the warranty card incorrectly or instances of forgery or modifications
-The product damage shows evidence of abuse or negligence
-The product has damages caused by natural disasters like storm, fire, or traffic accidents
-The products show damages from improper repairs or adjustments made elsewhere The team comes with external damages, including cracks, excessive scratches, or missing parts.