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Special Offers

While still not that much, portable speakers are now getting the attention they deserve. Of course, not that they have done any of us a favor, but their flexibility certainly is worthwhile. And as the year is close to an end, the Black Friday deals on Bluetooth speakers are also just around the corner. So,

Best Sellers

Meet the JBL Charge 4, a leading bestseller on Amazon USA, amongst other stores across the globe. The speaker is an update of its baby sister JBL Charge 3, so expect the sound to be louder and some desirable bass.

Know Your Brand

While it’s not that famous in Kenya, JBL is one of the most sought-after brands of audio systems. It makes and supplies high-end sound equipment, ranging from headphones and compact speakers to car audio and home speakers. As a company, JBL has invested pretty well in technology to ensure its consumers are getting the best.

DIY Hacks

Our mobile phones have intrinsic value not only when new, but also when old. After upgrading to your new dream series, you don’t have to let them collect dust in a drawer or tool bucket. You can turn them into helpful means instead of even selling them at a fraction of the big money you


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