At this point, it’s no secret our Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S10 review is a little bit late, now the Samsung Galaxy S20 is out. The new series has advanced cameras, better display, and overall improved performance. Even so, the popularity of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S10 in Kenya is at the highest. Why?

Since the successor series is out, Samsung has no reason to have the previous S models on their previously huge tag. So, those of us who have always wanted the S8 or S10 but couldn’t then has a better chance to clinch their desires. In this article, we’re going to have a close look at the two Samsung Galaxy phones, including their features and performance. The idea is to help ensure you make the best decision while buying. So we’ll highlight everything you would want to know.

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S10: An Overview on the Gadgets

FactsSamsung Galaxy S8Samsung Galaxy S10
Release Date20172019
SeriesGalaxy SGalaxy S
Material TypeGorilla Glass 5, Aluminum, & Gorilla Glass 5Gorilla Glass 6, Aluminum, & Gorilla Glass 5
DisplaySuper AMOLED, HDR10 (w/ 1440 x 2960p resolution)Dynamic AMOLED, HDR10+ (w/ 1440 x 3040p resolution)
Available ColorsMidnight Black, Rose pink, Coral blue, & Arctic silverPrism Black, Prism white, prism Green, & Prism Blue
Dimensions (Approx.)5.86 x 2.68 x 0.31 in5.90 x 2.77 x 0.31 in
Operating SystemAndroid 7 (Nougat)- upgradable to Android 9.0Android 9.0 (pie)– upgradable to Android 11, One UI 3.0
MemoryROM- 64GB RAM- 4GBROM- 128GB or 512GB RAM- 6GB or 8GB
Micro SD Support                    YES (Up to 512GB)YES (Up to 512GB)
CamerasMain (Rear)- Single 12MP Selfie (Front)- Dual 8MP, 2MPMain (Rear)- Triple 12MP, 12MP, 16MP Selfie (Front)- Single 10MP
Wireless Connectivity                    YES (WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, & NFC)YES (WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, & NFC)
Smart FeaturesIris Scanner, Fingerprint (rear-mounted), Gyro, Compass, etcFingerprint (under display, compass, Gyro, heart rate, etc
Audio LevelAround 93 dBAround 92 dB
Warranty (standard)2 Years  2 years

Samsung Galaxy S8

For those of us who can still remember, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 was the talk in magazines back in 2016. However, the glory was only short-lived as the global tech company unveiled the Galaxy S8 about a year later. Yet again, the succeeding smartphone won the hearts of the brand’s fans and even made several new ones.

At a glance, Samsung Galaxy S8 has a perfect balance of beauty, starting with its big screen with shrinking bezels and bending edges. The phone was slightly bigger than its predecessor but still you can easily wrap your fingers around. It has no physical buttons on the front, including the home button, which complete the elegance and feel when in the palm. So, the biometric fingerprint sensor was now at the back, next to the rear camera.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Meanwhile,  a lot has changed by 2019 and mobile technology had many competing players. As always Samsung was at its best and the line of Galaxy S10 proved all with the amazing updates and new additions, such as the infinity-O display. Unlike its predecessor, Samsung Galaxy S10 had a true edge-to-edge screen that fills the front of the phone way more. The phone comes with the latest Gorilla Glass 6, which means it can now survive drops from higher heights than those gadgets with Gorilla Glass 5.

Even better, the Samsung device is IP68 waterproof to make sure it continued to work in dust, dirt, sand, or even water (submersion up to 1.5m depth). More on that, let’s now jump into our main Samsung Galaxy review and see that’s better for your situation.

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S10: Comparing Features and capabilities

  • Which Galaxy Looks Better?

Both Samsung Galaxy S10 and S8 have a lovely design, with a large display. However, the S10 has a slightly bigger screen (6.10 vs 5.80 inches), which displays from edge to edge. Thus, giving you an immersive viewing experience when playing videos or playing games.

Furthermore, the S10 comes with the latest Corning Gorilla Glass 6 + aluminum frame while S8 has Gorilla Glass 5 + aluminum frame. Thus, the later model can survive a drop from a higher height than its counterpart.

Nonetheless, both smartphones have an IP68 rating, in which case they can withstand dust and water-resistant (up to 1.5m for 30mins).

  • How fast can it perform?

As you (possibly) know, how best a smartphone can perform hugely depends on the engine, which comprises the CPU, GPU, Chipset, and OS. Therefore, it’s right to say Samsung Galaxy S10 is a far much better performer considering its Octa-core processing unit can handle up to Android 11, One UI 3.0 version.

On its end, Galaxy S8 comes with Android 7.0 (Nougat), but you can upgrade to Android 9.0 (pie), One UI version. As such, the phone will allow you to comfortably switch between apps but not as intuitive as with the S10.

  • The Best Picture Recordings

If you want to capture your moments as they appear, the S10 has a triple-lens main camera (12MP, 12MP, & 16MP). The 3-camera array comprises the telephoto, standard, and wide-angle shooters, which deliver images more color-accurate and rich in details.

Meanwhile, Galaxy S8 has a single 12MP rear camera, which is slightly less, yes, but still delivers clear and bright images. The phone does have a software-based feature that allows you to toggle between Selective and Pro modes for a smoother experience.

Similar to other Samsung phones, S8 and S10 have an integrated LED flash and auto-HDR. So, you can still get colored images in low-lighted environments, as well as in unbalanced light conditions.

  • Battery Life?

Samsung installed Galaxy S10 with a Li-Ion 3400mAh battery and the S8 has Li-Ion 3000 mAh. In the two cases, the battery is non-removable, which means it’s not as easy to replace if the current battery becomes defective. Regardless, the two devices support fast charging, plus you can use a wireless charger if you wanted to. When it comes to depletion time, though, there’s no exact time to say since it all depends on what you’ve been doing with the phone.

Nonetheless, Galaxy S10 does have an option to charge other accessories, such as Samsung earbuds and Galaxy Watch Active, via wireless powershare feature.

  • What About Memory Status?

For this one, Samsung nowadays offers most of its phones in multiple options. If it’s the Galaxy S10, you can get the phone with 128GB storage and 8GB RAM or 512GB storage and 8GB RAM. Therefore, the second option is certainly the best if you don’t want to insert a MicroSD card (slot available).

Meanwhile, Samsung Galaxy S8 only comes with 64GB storage and 4GB RAM, but you can add a microSD up to 512GB.

  • Pricing and warranty?

At the time of writing, the Samsung Galaxy S10 price in Kenya was between Ksh 59,000 – 62,000 depending on the included memory. On the other hand, the price of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is around Ksh 40,000 but you’ll find other retailers with a higher or lower range. Upon purchase, the price on either phone also covers a 24-month warranty, whereby you can contact any East Africa Samsung store in case you encounter issues. If the warranty period is still due, the company can repair or replace your device at no additional cost.

Final Thoughts

If you’re buying your first Samsung phone, both Galaxy S8 and S10 are a great choice. They both have a beautiful display (without a physical home button) and superior cameras to deliver sharp and crisp pictures. However, the Galaxy S10 is the best if you want to do more with your phone than just making calls and chatting with friends. It has a powerful engine that has superfast performance and a large storage capacity to hold more data.

Also, Samsung Galaxy S10 has a bit more powerful camera function in case you want to achieve the best in your photography. And if you would want to make your moments more fun, the body is IP68 waterproof, which means you can still record while in the pool without issues.