Lenovo XT90 Smart Touch iPhone Samsung Android 5.0 Bluetooth Earbuds Wireless Earphones


Main Features

  • Sleek & Attractive design
  • Premium Experience:  13mm drive diameter delivers rich, high-quality sound
  • 100% Wire-free: No cable that can break or interfere with your movements
  • Quick Auto-Pair: the earbuds power on and pair automatically after removing from the power case
  • Capacitive Touch Controls: easy to change music, adjust the volume, receive calls, or activate voice assistant by touching
  • Comfortable Wear: Light and with an ergonomic design to fit in your ears comfortably and securely
  • Warranty: Yes, up to 6 months warranty if you have problems with the Lenovo XT90 delivered by Elyetu.
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About the Item

Lenovo XT90 is one of our newest selections of Bluetooth wireless earphones. It’s almost similar to the Lenovo Livepods LP40 and closest to the Lenovo QT81, whereby all are rechargeable and have capacitive smart touch controls.



The Lenovo XT90 wireless earphones price in Kenya is Ksh 1,500 but might vary across various retailers. When shopping with Elyetu Electronics, this price covers the purchase of a brand new headset, plus a 6 months Limited Warranty in case you encounter any issues.

Design and Appearance

Lenovo XT90 has a lovely compact design, with a sleek jet white profile for professionals and black for those who love simplicity. It has ergonomic and ultra-soft eargels that fit comfortably and without hurting your ear skin. The eartips hold unto the ears securely without dropping, bringing you quality audio experience even during active movements.

Moreover, the charging case has a lightweight design to ensure portability and a day of power in your pocket.


The Lenovo XT90 wireless earphones earbuds have a spectacular 13mm driver for crispier, high-fidelity streaming. You can enjoy your favorite beats in a perfect balance of stereo and powerful bass.

Even better, the in-ear Bluetooth headphones have integrated True Wireless Stereo (TWS) technology, featuring separate left and right earphone channels. So, you can use the earbuds as a pair  for  some  thrilling me-time moments or alone if you want to remain alert of the world around you.


Lenovo XT90 uses Bluetooth v5.0 to communicate with your android, iOS, or windows gadget you’re streaming from. The technology is of the latest, which means you can enjoy your music, videos, or gaming with a faster and stable connection.

If not music, the earbuds have intelligent microphones (with noise reduction) to ensure the caller on the other end can hear you in a clearer voice.

Ease of Use

Yes, the Lenovo wireless earphones are straightforward to start and use. They power on and pair automatically after you remove them from the charging compartment.

Thanks to the capacitive smart touch design, it’s easy to control music, calls, and activate voice assistant. The touch controls also prevent you from stressing out the ears as with the devices with physical push buttons.


Lenovo XT90 wireless earphones consist of a tough ABS material to perform better and for a long time. The batteries are also heavy-duty, with the charging case featuring a 300mAh/ 3.7v and individual earbuds 35mA/ 3.7v


Lenovo XT90 General Specifications

Body Material: ABS

Weigh: 0.09kg

Waterproof: IPX4

Design Type: In-ear

Finishes: Black, White

Connectivity Bluetooth: v5.0

Signal Range: Max 10 meters

Power Capacity Charging Case: 300mAh/ 3.7V

Earbuds:35mAh/ 3.7V

Charge Time: 2 hours

Performance Standby Time: 300 hours

Music Time: 2-3 hours

Control User-friendly: YES

Interface: Type C

Control: Capacitive Touchscreen

Included in Box


ü Lenovo XT90 Smart Touch Bluetooth Earphones

ü Charging case

ü Type-C charging cable

ü  One pair Eartips

  Tested and authored by Elyetu Team


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