AWEI A600BL HiFi Rechargeable V4.2 Bluetooth Foldable Stereo Headphones

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Key Features:

• STYLING: simple, decent design
• UNIVERSAL COMFORT: soft and premium foam earcups that mold around your ears gently without hurting
• HI-FI STEREO QUALITY: delivers exceptional sound and stronger bass for an unmatched listening experience
• ADVANCED V4.2 BLUETOOTH: Pairs with your music device fast and without breaking
• 10-12 HOURS ACTIVE TIME: has a powerful 250mAh Li-ion battery that guarantees up to 10 hours continuous play- and 12 hours talk time
• TRUE WIRE-FREE: Transmits wirelessly and powered by a rechargeable battery. So no wires to interfering groove
• FOLDING DESIGN: swivel, folding earpads to enhance portability
• WARRANTY SUPPORT: up to 6 months in case you encounter issues with your headphone delivered by Elyetu

300 in stock (can be backordered)

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About Awei A600BL

Awei is a leading provider of hi-fi and affordable stereo equipment. The model A600BL consists of a modest but decent design, with adjustable earcups for an easy, simple, and comfortable music life. Each of these earcups has a soft foam that molds gently around your ears without hurting.

Awei A600BL is completely free of wires, allowing you to carry on with what you do without wires coming in your way. The headset has a tiny yet powerful built-in battery that’s fast-charging [3 hours] and with a guaranteed music duration of at least 8-10 hours.

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  1. I have just ordered mine through the ongoing promo. Will update once it arrives

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