As a general rule, companies’ privacy rules are usually drafted by lawyers for lawyers. Regardless, at Elyetu Suppliers [hereinafter referred to as “our company”], customer privacy is amongst our major priorities. We take great care to protect your personal information as you continue shopping or interacting on our online and or local store.

The FULL Elyetu Privacy Policy lays out how we gather and protect our customers’ information. We hope you find this summary clear and transparent per the Kenyan Constitution Article 31 and Kenya Information and Communications [consumer protection] Regulations Sect. 15.


The Data We Collect About You

  • We only collect the “personally identifiable information” that can be reasonably linked to your actual being [that identifies real name] and your delivery point. You only require to provide it when ordering via our digital property, i.e. website. Some of the information, like Physical and Email Address, may be unnecessary when transacting at our local store.
  • We may store the information you provide to meet your expectations and provide a great experience when shopping or interacting with us next time. That’s fulfilling a purchase or additional service. Due to the rise of fraudsters, hackers, amongst other criminals, we only use the information we collect to protect our customers.
  • As for disclosure [or Sharing], we have never disclosed information on our customers to outsiders other than our business partners. The partners in this case are primarily/ ONLY our delivery members.
  • Finally, we have put in place the appropriate security measures that prevent leaking or unauthorized access to your personal data. One of the ways we have ensured this is the use of secured browsing certificates [HTTPS]. So, even your name and addresses sent to our site are kept private. We don’t support Credit Cards at the moment.

Highlights Of How We Use The Information We Collect

  • Identify and registering you on our digital property
  • Fulfilling your orders. That’s processing and delivering
  • When conducting research and analysis [Survey]
  • Engaging in internal relations, i.e. direct messages or comments
  • During marketing and advertising practices [promotions/ special offers]
  • When detecting fraud

For Any Questions or Further details on how we handle your information

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