The best time of the year is only some days away and the goose is getting fat. Yes, the season here in Kenya we tend to have a stream of holidays and parties with families, friends, or even coworkers. And you know, a bash without plenty of tunes and a decent sound system like JBL Charge 4 isn’t a bash at all, but just the usual gathering.

Of course, there are a few other candidates up for the entertainment task. But JBL is certainly the best there’s if you need something stylish, loud, and portable. The label is a favorite of many around the globe (especially the American and European markets) due to its pretty powerful volume and bass.

Needless to say, you need to have a significant sum to get your hands on one of the JBL speakers in Kenya. Once you own it, however, you’ll have everything to grin at in terms of performance and durability.

With that, we’re going to look at JBL Charge 4 wireless Speaker, specifically the design and its capabilities. But before we come to that, let’s have a summary just in case if you don’t have the time to read the entire article.

A Comprehensive JBL Charge 4 Review

In this chart, I’ve compared JBL Charge 3 vs JBL Charge 4 so that you can identify the differences between the two.

 JBL Charge 4JBL Charge 3
Dimensions8.66 x 3.74 x 3.668.38 x 3.42 x 3.48
Output Power30 watts2 x 10 Watts
Speaker designDirectionalDirectional
(version 4.2)
(Version 4.1)
Battery Capacity7500mAh6000mAh
Music Play Time20 hours ( low to medium volume)20 hours
(low to medium volume)
WaterproofYES (IPX7 support)YES
(IPX7 support)
Hands-Free ControlNOYES
JBL Connect PlusYES  YES
Auto Power OffYESYES
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The Charge 4 is IPX7 waterproof- that means you won’t need to worry splashes of water or even immersion up to a 1 meter depth
  • Styling and Appearance

If you have previously had your hands on the JBL Charge 3, the new Charge 4 is not very different physical-wise. It’s an upgrade that the American manufacturer hoped to address some of the performance issues some users complained about regarding the preceding model. But since the face was not the issue, the engineers left it in a cylindrical shape and still with its exposed woofers.

The JBL Speaker has a rugged rubber housing, with a durable fabric material to enhance the performance and durability. This fabric is available in a rainbow of colors, not limited to black, red, camouflage, blue, gray, green, pink, white, and yellow. So, you have a chance to choose your favorite shade that suits your preference.

Still, the tough fabric coat is the reason JBL allows you to use your Charge 4 speaker even on the beach and poolside without worrying about splashes of water. Surprisingly, you can even immerse the speaker in water as long it’s not beyond 1 meter or more than 30 minutes.

  • Power

Behind the shell, JBL Charge 4 packs a rechargeable, high-capacity 7500mAh Lithium-ion Polymer battery, with an electric potential of about 3.6 volts. The battery is pretty powerful as you can play music continuously for up to 20 hours on a single charge.

Natheless, this time might be less or even more depending on the set volume level, audio content, and if you’re using the power bank feature. That’s right. The speaker can continue charging your dying phone/ tablet to ensure uncut entertainment. And in case it also drains its energy tank before you’re done, you can just plug in the charger and charge while still listening to music.

Even better, the speaker has a row of five white LED light that shows the amount of power left. So, it’s pretty hard for the silence to catch you off guard if you keep a watchful eye on the equipment

  • Size

Like all the personal speakers from the brand, JBL Charge 4 is compact and very easy to carry. On its cylindrical design, it has dimensions 3.74 x 8.66 x 3.66 inches (H x W x D), and 2.1 pounds weight.

As such, you can move the speaker from one point to another easily and even sneak into your backpack without a hassle.

  • Connectivity

Just like its forerunner, JBL Charge 4 speaker is wireless, which means it communicates with the music device via radio signal. In this case, the sound device uses Bluetooth version 4.2, which is .1 higher than that of JBL Charge 3.

For those of us who’re not technogeek, this means the speaker can connect with your phone pretty faster and with a stronger medium. Hence, you get to enjoy your tunes seamlessly without breaking up or disconnecting.

  • Performance

When it now comes to the performance, you certainly will fell in love with this little guy whether an audiophile or not. It delivers amazing sound quality- cleanly and clearly, with a powerful true JBL deep bass.

True, the resolution is not great because of the waterproof design, but it’s amazingly good for a speaker its size. This is so as the unit packs a 30-watt speaker and two passive radiators that now amplifies the bass loud and clear.

Even better, the Charge 4 speaker has a built-in connect+ technology that allows you to pair multiple speakers for a wide stereo soundstage. If possible, you can link-up up to 100 more speakers to amplify your listening experience and rock the party even better.

In addition to that, you can connect your JBL with two music devices simultaneously and take turns playing music.

  • Ease of Use

Overall, all JBL Bluetooth Speakers are straightforward to start and use. For model Charge 4, there are various buttons on top of the speaker that you can use to control several settings. This includes a switch for power, pairing Bluetooth, adjusting volume, as well as skip a track or pause the music.

In case you want to charge the Charge speaker, there’s a rubber hatch at the rear that opens up to reveal the USB Type C port. But that’s not the only port present. There’s also a USB A port for charging phones and a 3.5mm stereo input to connect an aux cable (for wired music connection).

Apart from the three, though, there are no other slots included from the JBL laboratories. So, if you have one with a TF card slot or even FM support, I won’t lie to you that that’s a JBL product.

  • Pricing

If you know JBL pretty well, you certainly know they’re not cheap. You need to have several thousands to own their audio speakers- and not three or four thousand as I see some retailers exaggerate.

For an original JBL Charge 4 wireless speaker, the Kenya market with the original retails between Ksh 16,000 to 20, 000. At Elyetu, however, we get our stock directly from JBL, which is the reason we offer the speaker at a regular price of ksh 15,000. This cost includes not only the unit and components but also a 12-months warranty in case you have any issues.

Is it worth investing in a JBL Charge 4 Speaker?

If you need a decent, portable speaker that you can take with you anywhere, Charge 4 is an excellent option to consider. it has a solid build that is even waterproof, thereby allowing you to use it in the pool or beach parties without worries.

Also, the JBL Bluetooth speaker is tiny and lightweight, allowing you to move around with it without issues. Whether it’s in hands, a rucksack, or a mountain bike, you can carry it without any compromises.

Needless to say, however, the JBL speaker price in Kenya (or anywhere else in general) is not small if I would say. But considering what it offers, I believe it’s fair play. It just like buying a Samsung or Apple phone, in which case you’ll rest assured you have invested in Quality, performance, and lifetime support.