Brands like Apple, Samsung, Sony, and JBL are certainly the most sought-after for consumer electronics and accessories. The four, however, focus on high-end products that come with a big-budget, which some find impossible in specific times. In this article, am going to share with you about AWEI and some of their high-performance, affordable Bluetooth headphones.

The brand no doubt is the best in that kind of category. Hence, one of the reasons the UK and a percentage of the U.S. population has adopted its products. Natheless, AWEI is largely into audio equipment, although you can also find several of their portable power banks and a few other accessories.

That said, let’s dig a little deep into their story and see if it has what you may be looking.

AWEI: An Overview of the Company

Here is an overview of some of the best AWEI Bluetooth wireless headphones in 2020

AWEIA800BL HeadphoneWireless/ WiredCheck price
AWEIX660BL NeckbandWirelessCheck Price
AWEIX650BL NeckbandWirelessCheck Price
AWEIA600BL Hi-Fi StereoWireless/ WiredCheck Price
AWEIT20 TWS Smart TouchWirelessCheck Price
You can Click the link to check the current pricing and read reviews of how other users are saying. Continue reading below to learn more about AWEI and its products.

You can click the link to check the current pricing and read reviews of how other users are saying. Continue reading below to learn more about AWEI and its products.

About the Manufacturer

Unofficially, the story of Awei started back in 1993 in Seoul, South Korea. After about six years, HK Yale International acquired the brand in an attempt to expand its operation to the outside world.

Then, in 2002, Shenzhen Yale Electronics Co., Ltd was born, leading to the official introduction of AWEI to the consumers market. Again, the manufacturer got into the production of audio electronics, namely headphones and earphones- a field they have holden on ever since.

Different from today’s upcoming companies, AWEI primarily focuses on sound entertainment gadget, a move that has enabled them to perfect their craftsmanship so well. Hence, the main reason you’ll feel their stereo quality is almost similar to that high-end counterparts.

Needless to say, the AWEI engineering department has a pretty good taste of technology, another thing you’ll find with fewer providers. If it’s a headphone like the X660BL Neckband, not only does it have an advanced v4.2 Bluetooth, but also the exclusive magnetic technology that you can trace to brands like Sony WI-XB400.

Sadly, however, AWEI is not a brand for everyone. For music entertainment, you’ll come to love them, for sure. But if you need a versatile provider for all your electronics needs, you’ll feel limited as the company is not much into multitasking. In any case, I wouldn’t say that’s a bad idea at all, ‘cause two many productions have high risk of affecting the quality scale.

Speaking of quality, by the way, AWEI designs their products to last. Of course, you’ll come across some models A500BL that has a plastic headband, but still, they can serve you for a couple of years without issues. All needed is to take care of your headset, just like you do with any other precious item.

Regardless, even Sony, JBL, Beats, and most other brands do use plastic housing in many of their sound equipment.

Summary Reviews: The 4 Best Awei Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

AWEI X660BL Neckband Magnetic Wireless Headphone/ EarPlugs

This is one of the best affordable Bluetooth earplugs that you get for your training routine. It’s an elegant neckband design that adopts a magnetic design to prevent the cables from entangling.

The headset packs advanced Bluetooth 4.1 that enables seamless pairing with your Bluetooth device. And since it packs a rechargeable battery, you can comfortably do your lifting or aerobics with no wires to hinder your movement.

More to love, this earphone has an ergonomic sound outlet, with soft and premium eartips for a thrilling and comfortable listening experience. Each of the sound earbuds has dual drivers at the core, ensuring a perfect and balanced audio performance.

The neckband earphone is very easy to use, plus it has intuitive controls that allow you to play, pause, or crank up the volume remotely. There’s also inbuilt noise and echo filtering mechanism so that you can have a smooth and clear conversation without external noise interference.

Why Choose:

  • It allows you to exercise or work on the site without interferences
  • Fits in the ears comfortably and without dropping
  • Can play continuous music for 4-6 hours
  • You can use indoor or outdoor without worrying about sweat or light rain
  • You can pick your calls without touching your phone
  • It’s surely durable and budget-friendly

AWEI A800BL Wireless V3.0 Bluetooth Headphone

If you just need true hi-fi stereo sound at a low budget, then you might find the model A800BL perfect for your needs. Not only does it pack powerful speakers under the earcups, but also has been optimized with high SPL (sound pressure level) for loud DJ environments.

The headband headphone has an excellent wireless design, with v3.0 Bluetooth at the core. In case you forget to charge, however, one of the earcups has an integrated jack port that you can connect with an Aux cable for wired connectivity. But with a 300mAh Li-ion battery at the core, this headphone can continuously play for 5 hours or more on a single charge.

Thanks to the soft PU cushioning on the earcups, Awei A800BL lets you enjoy the moment without hurting your ears. It also has an adjustable headband (with soft cushioning), thereby allowing you to adjust for a perfect and comfortable fit.

Why Choose:

  • It delivers exceptional sound quality, with richer bass
  • You can manage your music remotely
  • 100% wire-free for the freedom of movement
  • Compatible with smartphones, PC, and other music players
  • It’s very durable and affordable.

AWEI X650BL Bluetooth Sports Neckband Headphones

If you’re a workout fanatic, this is another neckband that you can consider as your training mate. It consists of simple yet elegant styling, with dual dynamic drivers for a premium sound experience while weightlifting or doing aerobics.

As a wireless design, the headset features advanced v4.1 Bluetooth technology that ensures a fast and seamless connection. It has an added control panel, featuring three easy-to-use buttons to change, pause, or adjust the volume of your music without touching your phone.

Still, the earbuds have an exclusive magnet end that allows you to wear like a necklace without tangling. Also, the magnetic attraction design acts as the on/ off power button. Hence, very convenient when it comes to saving power consumption.

Why Choose:

  • It has a decent and compact design that’s easy to carry
  • Delivers high-quality sound, with a balanced bass
  • Has noise cancellation for smooth, clear phone calls
  • Allows you to manage your music and calls remotely
  • Sweatproof and comfortable to wear
  • Delivers at 5 hours of playtime
  • It can connect with two Bluetooth devices at the same time.

AWEI T20 TWS Wireless Wire-free Earbuds/ Headphones

As an audiophile, this is one of the best Bluetooth wireless earbuds to add to your collection. It has a sleek and sweet design, featuring an ergonomic angular design, with an oval sound outlet and soft eartips for an amazing listening experience.

The music headphone is 100% wire-free, courtesy of the built-in rechargeable batteries, and wireless connection. So, you’re not limited to movements like when you use wired earphones.

More on that, these earbuds have the advanced  Bluetooth 5.0chip that provides a faster and unbroken connection. It allows a communication distance of up to 10 meters with your device, but you might find it less dependent on your phone hardware.

As a product of the latest making, Awei T20 TWS makes it possible to change, pause or volume up the music and answer/ hang-up call remotely. It has a smart capacitive control that enables all the said functions by a single touch.

Why Choose:

  • It has a compact design that’s easy to carry with you
  • Features state of the art controls that are easy to use
  • Allows you to walk, work, or workout with no dangling wires
  • Provides at least 4 hours of music playtime
  • Continues to work even in sweaty or light rain conditions
  • It has a tough and durable design.

Is Awei Headphone Really Worth It?

True, we all have unique personalities. What I may like may not be appealing to you, and vice versa. So, the question of whether Awei is perfect for you depends on your situation and what you need.

If you have a thin wallet, then, the brand might have a solution for you since it works around a low price-point. The same applies if you need an alternative for high-quality and reasonably priced sound equipment.

But if the budget allows and you would like to feel the classy game, a brand like JBL or Beats may be perfect. Just don’t be surprised when you notice the high-end model and its alternative option has nearly the same results.

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