While it’s not that famous in Kenya, JBL is one of the most sought-after brands of audio systems. It makes and supplies high-end sound equipment, ranging from headphones and compact speakers to car audio and home speakers.

As a company, JBL has invested pretty well in technology to ensure its consumers are getting the best. Since the initial debut, the American label has been keen on innovation, paying keen attention to every detail not to compromise its goal.

That said, though, JBL is not cheap to own. You need to have a few thousand at hand if you want to own any of their products, including the small ones like headphones. But once you have them at hand, you won’t have thought of making another purchase sooner, unless you want to upgrade.

Here are five of the bestselling JBL Bluetooth speakers on the market.

Speaker ModelSpeaker OutputKey Features 
JBL FLIP 520 Watts*It’s completely wire-free
*Compact and easy to move around
*Excellently resistant to water
*Supports up to 12 hours of playtime
*It can pair with multiple speakers for a better party experience
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JBL Charge 430 Watts*Delivers powerful and quality sound
*Can connect with 2 smartphones
*Supports up to 20-hour playtime
*Has power bank functionality
*It’s IPX7 waterproof
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JBL Party Box 300120 Watts*It can play from Bluetooth/ USB stick
*Has a lovely and sleek design
*Effortless to move around
*Can charge your phone/ tablet
*It combines powerful sound quality with a lovely light show
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JBL Pulse 320 Watts*It’s compact and easy to move
*You can comfortably make calls
*Features up to 12-hour playtime
*Can continue playing in rain/ spills
*It combines high-quality sound with a 360° lightshow
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JBL Boombox2 x 30 Watts*It’s completely wire-free
*Delivers superior sound, plus bass
*Has power bank functionality
*Durable and IPX7 waterproof
*It can connect with up to 2 smart devices at the same time
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About the Company

As mentioned, JBL is one of the top manufacturers of audio equipment such as loudspeakers, headphones, and earphones. The company borrows its name from its founder, James Bullough Lansing, an American audio engineer.

Officially, JBL joined the market in 1946 after Lansing left Altec Service Company. The lad, however, had already started another firm, Lansing Manufacturing Company, back in 1927. So, he already had lots of ideas and experience in sound systems by the time he was starting the new company.

By the 70s, the JBL company had a new head (after the death of James Lansing), but it was still motivated to innovate. In 1979, the brand released three new technologies, including a Cabaret Series portable systems for those in the music industry.

As of today, JBL has become one of the largest providers of high-quality sound systems. While it operates independently, the brand is a part of the HARMAN International Industries, a consumer electronics company owned by Samsung.

JBL headquarters are based in California, United States but it has warehouses in various locations.

For more details visit jblpro.com/history or harman.com/