Samsung Galaxy A31 vs A51 Comprehensive Review

The Galaxy A-Series has been one of the most successful class of Samsung smartphones in Kenya. Not only is it budget-friendly but also the individual devices include some amazing specs that we see on the high-end selections of their competitors. If it’s Samsung galaxy A31 vs A51, for instance, they both come with an internal…

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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S10: Which is the Best Smartphone Upgrade?

At this point, it’s no secret our Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S10 review is a little bit late, now the Samsung Galaxy S20 is out. The new series has advanced cameras, better display, and overall improved performance. Even so, the popularity of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S10 in Kenya is at the highest….

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The Best Black Friday Deals On Portable Speakers 2020

While still not that much, portable speakers are now getting the attention they deserve. Of course, not that they have done any of us a favor, but their flexibility certainly is worthwhile. And as the year is close to an end, the Black Friday deals on Bluetooth speakers are also just around the corner. So,…

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