When you visit Elyetu to check out the latest electronics and accessories, you’re at the right place. We have been in our local store since 2010, which has allowed us to know electronics inside and out. All our products come from true manufacturers, which is why we only provide genuine selections with a warranty [up to 12 months].

At Elyetu, we offer a wide range of products and at reasonable wholesale prices. From portable and professional-grade speakers like JBL, we’ve got you covered. It’s the time to enjoy the beats with your favorite workout-mates. And if you don’t want to disturb others around, we have varieties of top-choice wire-free Bluetooth earphones [with noise cancellation]. So, no more dangling cables or broken conversations.
Our Mission

Elyetu has come online to make the buying simple. We’re happy when you’re happy, so, don’t miss out on your chance to style your smartphone, laptop, and other devices up. Our goal is to carry all the big brands – names like Apple, Samsung, Sony, and HP, that you know and trust. Whether for leisure or professional use, we want to be the source for all the electronics accessories and that you need.

Our Commitment

At Elyetu, your happiness matters to us. We’ve not only vowed to provide the best electronics and accessories we can, we promised to cater to every person- young and of age. We aim to bring new and improved options, with the solutions you need. We aim to enrich people’s lives through technology and contribute to the common good.